How to Do Image Resizing in Adobe Illustrator


Images are made up of pixels that determine their quality and properties including sharpness and contrast that affect the appearance relevant to its brightness and color saturation. Now, you want to resize your image without damaging its pixels and sharpness, or resizing a small image into a larger file size but increasing its quality without making the figures or subjects look blurry, distorted edges, blotted, and discolored. Adobe Illustrator can do this for you. But as a professional tool, there are also technical knowledge and skills that you may need to know to resize image and make it look original and unedited.

Here are the steps and explanation for executing the resize image tool in Illustrator scale image feature.

1. Open Adobe Illustrator and Import Image

After launching Adobe Illustrator, you can import into the workspace the image you wish to resize by clicking on “File” from the menu bar. The “file” button is located on the leftmost part of this menu bar, which is located at the top of the workspace. Locate the folder where the image has been saved by clicking :open: under the :file: option. Click the “open file” button located in the window’s lower right corner after selecting the image.

2. Access the Transform Panel

After you have imported the image into the workspace, go to the top menu bar and select “Window” to resize image. Go to the drop-down menu and choose the “Transform” option. The Transform panel provides options for changing various characteristics of your selected image, it will open a new window that displays several action options.

3. Proportional Resizing

There are different options that you may choose in resizing an image, but to achieve a scaled image, proportional resizing is the recommended option. There are four icons that can be found in the Transform panel. Choose the second indicator, “Scale”, which is represented by a consistent arrow pointing diagonally. By default, the “Uniform” option is selected, which causes the image to be proportionally enlarged. To use Illustrator scale image perfectly, the “uniform” option under the scale category guarantees that the image retains its original ratio of width to height.

4. Set the New Dimensions of the Image

To fully resize image using the Illustrator scale image tool, enter the desired measurements in the “uniform” size input box on the Transform panel screen. The new width and height can be manually entered, or you can use the up and down arrows to gradually change the settings. Mind that the “uniform” option automatically adjusts the size of one of the image’s dimensions to retain its proportion.

5. Apply the Changes

After implementing the desired changes and inputting the values of the new dimensions, you can press the “enter” Key on your Keyboard, click outside the input box, or click on the “apply changes” button on the window. The image will be scaled according to your set parameters.

6. Save the Resized Image

Finally, save the image you just resized by clicking “File” in the menu bar and selecting “Save” or “Save as” in the drop-down menu options. Give the image a name, choose a file format whether PNG or JPEG, and indicate which folder you would like to save the image in. Click on the “Save” button at the right side of the file name box.

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