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Have you ever wondered why social media influencers spend so much money on photoshoot sessions? That’s because images play significant roles in their quest for better online visibility, influence, attention, and productivity.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram algorithms favor posts with more beautiful images. Twitter also rates tweets with sharper and clearer images higher than ones with poor images.

Hence, if you are also looking to improve your growth in the digital world, you must upload quality profile pictures and attach clearer ones to your posts.

Unlike in the past, there are now many tools used for photo enhancement; with these tools, you can improve even a poor photo and make it attention-grabbing.

This blog post is a review of one of the best of these tools—Let’s Enhance Image Upscaler. Even without owning a photo-editing skill, you can edit a photo with this tool like a professional.

Let’s hit the ground running as you learn more about this tool—what the tool is about, its features, pros, and cons, and how to get started with it.


About Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is a web-based AI-powered tool that can increase your photo’s sharpness, resolution, color, size, beauty, and overall quality.


The cloud-based AI image upscaler tool is a go-to option for users hoping to take their images and appearance on social media to the next level as it offers a wide range of services and features to explore.

With its artificial intelligence approach, users can enhance photo colors, reduce noise, increase portraits, reduce compression, and add their desired filters.

This AI photo enhancer is quite easy to use, hence, you don’t need a professional photographer to get quality photos if you adopt it.

Let’s Enhance Features 

Let’s Enhance is loaded with numerous lovely features and benefits, including the following:

  • 16x Upscale

Let’s Enhance is famous for its ability to upscale your photos up to 16 times without reducing their attractiveness.

With this feature, you can turn your small-sized images or thumbnails into bigger and better wallpaper in less than a minute.

This feature also makes it possible to use one image for multiple functions. For instance, let’s Enhance will enlarge your YouTube thumbnail image until it’s suitable for blog posts or website content.

  • 4K and HD Resolutions

One of the primary functions of this image upscaler is to deliver top-quality photos by increasing the resolutions. Upgrade your photographs to high resolutions with its 4K and HD features.


These high resolutions guarantee top-notch clarity and brightness as they will reduce the noise and embellishments affecting your images.

  • Fix Pixelation and Blur

The Let’s Enhance algorithm is designed to eliminate all artifacts and pixelation that often lead to blurry pictures. The AI tool will fix all Pixel-related issues that could reduce your photographs’ images.

  • Edit Colors and Lighting

With just a few clicks, your photo will obtain the right colors and lighting. Whether you want grey, black-and-white, or other colors, let’s Enhance AI image upscaler has numerous color options for your needs.

Its laudable lighting quality means your photos will portray moderate brightness. The artificial intelligence tool will eliminate dim or overwhelming light affecting the image.

  • Print-on-demand API

Leverage this feature to improve your printing efficiency. The print-on-demand API is an essential part that allows users to print images or any other designs on a large scale in a few minutes.

Let’s Enhance will help you create quality content or designs, print them, and send them to your clients without consuming much time and energy.

  • Enjoy Over 300 DPI

Here’s another feature that will improve the quality of your images when you print them Let’s Enhance offers over 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) for every image you intend to print, so it will maintain an impressive outlook.

With this feature, you will obtain professional-grad, crisp, and detailed prints without fuss or stress.

  • Noise Reduction

Let’s Enhance tool will reduce noise and artifacts, producing cleaner and sharper user-generated content for your social media posts.


Pros of Let’s Enhance Image Upscaler

Here are the benefits of this tool over some other image upscalers

  • A Beginner-friendly Tool

Let’s Enhance is a user-friendly tool everyone can use without prior experience.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to explore the tool due to its simplicity.

Its features and functionalities are clearly stated so newbies will know what to click or touch to perform any editing task.

Its drag-and-drop enablement encourages quick editing and upscaling experience. Select your image from your device’s gallery and wait for the tool to complete your instructions.

Similarly, the cloud-based AI tool is known for its highly responsive and smooth interface which makes the editing process easy and exciting.

  • Supports Detail Enhancement

Let’s Enhance doesn’t focus on the face only; it prioritizes even the tiniest details, such as textures and edges.

Detail enhancement is one of the factors that distinguish the tool from many other photo enhancers on the market.

Being able to resize images on 16 occasions shows that the AI-powered tool developers value the users and are determined to offer the best service.

  • Encourages Batch Processing

Let’s Enhance tool has been a lifesaver for many professional graphic designers and photographers with challenging workloads. That’s because it encourages batch processing, meaning you can edit many images simultaneously.

  • Saves Time and Energy

Save time and effort by exploring the tool’s batch-processing feature. You can upscale multiple photos at a go, saving time and energy.

  • Provides Different Customization Options

Let’s Enhance gives you control over the photo upscaling process by providing multiple adjustable parameters and customization options.

Choose your desired size and texture, while filters, arts, and other accessories are available to produce an output based on your preferences and personality.

  • High Compatibility 

The Let’s Enhance tool is compatible with different devices and available to anyone across the world. Being a web-based tool,   visit the website to begin your photo editing and upscaling tasks.

Cons of Let’s Enhance Image Upscaler

  • Best Features Are Unavailable to All Users

Most of the features and functions discussed earlier are only available to premium users who subscribed to one of the paid packages. For instance, you can’t benefit from the 16 times upscaling feature unless you upgrade from a free membership to a paid plan.

Though the free membership contains some jaw-dropping functions too, you can’t maximize the tool’s potential until you access the prized assets.

  • Compulsory Registration

Whether free or paid membership, registration is required on Let’s Enhance. You must first create an account to be able to get started.

Even though the account creation process doesn’t take time, like many other users, you may not find compulsory registration cool.

Let’s Enhance developers may have to change this policy since other famous AI photo upscale permits free trials without registration.

  • Limited Free Trial

Let’s Enhance offers a limited free trial version as it doesn’t give users access to the full functionalities. The trial mode is just slightly better than the free version and doesn’t allow access to all premium functions.

Hence, despite showing your interest in updating to the paid version via the trial mode, you won’t enjoy all features until you fully become a premium user.

  • Watermark

It’s definitely not professional to have the logo of an editing app on your photo. Hence, this is one of the shortcomings of this image upscaler.

Apart from claiming ownership, the watermark makes it easier for everyone to know the source of your photo’s quality and beauty.

Unfortunately, you can’t eliminate the watermark unless you upgrade to the premium plan.

How to Get Started With Let’s Enhance

Visit Let’s Enhance website. Then, click the “start free” option to sign up for free. Select the images you want to enhance from your device’s gallery. Choose the services or functions you need via the features available to your plans.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I remove Let’s Enhance watermark?

You can remove the Let’s Enhance watermark by becoming a paid member. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a pay-as-you-go bundle which allows you to pay whenever you use the tool.

  • How can I delete old enhanced images from my account?

Deleting old processed images from your account shouldn’t be a daunting task if you follow the following instructions:


  • Go to the “My Images” page.


  • Click on the “processed images” option.


  • Select the images to be deleted.


  • Punch the delete button to complete the task.


  • How many images can Let’s Enhance process at once?

Let’s Enhance encourages batch processing, meaning you can enhance multiple images simultaneously. However, there are limits to the image sizes and numbers you can edit at go, depending on your membership type.

Free and Personal plans support 64MP and 50 MB images while paying plans permit around 256 MP images per time.

Wrapping Up

Market yourself, your craft, and your profession on the web and social media through enhanced quality images.

Let’s Enhance image upscaler will improve your face with the help of its accurate face

detection feature and algorithms, making your image sharper.


Meanwhile, the tool isn’t just for social media images. It is also suitable for professional printing services and graphic designing jobs.

Create the client’s logos and designs while the tool improves the size and quality before printing them. However, to enjoy all of its features maximally, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

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